Larry Chelette is a native Houstonian who watched this wonderful city be pushed outward by the building of residential homes. He and his beautiful wife, Gwen, have five children and three grandchildren. His goal is to build a house so sound and luxurious, that he would gladly put his own family in it.He was fascinated by the building industry and knew he wanted to be a part of it one day, and would. After serving four years in the US Navy, where he first learned about technology, he entered the Computer Industry where he spent more than 30 years in sales and management. Larry was directly involved in the foundation and growth of several Computer Equipment Manufacturing Companies. Throughout his technology career, he was always willing to assist in any way, to go that extra mile. His clients knew they could depend on his honesty, truthfulness and the knowledge and care of their needs. This was the simple formula for his success, a formula he has now carried forward to serve him well as owner of Chelette Custom Homes – a dream fulfilled at last.

Larry believes that the planning and building of a new family home should be a fun and rewarding experience for every homeowner and does all he can to make it so. He knows his duties, responsibilities and obligations to his clients go beyond the basics to assist in the formulation and design of your house plans, set expectations and responsibilities for site preparation, forecast expenses, provide a list of service providers to accomplish your goals and manage the entire process thereof.

He will also assist in preparation of the Sub-division Architectural Control Committee Package, help educate you on the latest technology in materials and building practices, assist in determining the correct specifications for the home and aide in planning all available options. Mr. Chelette believes you should be closely involved in the building of your home. Therefore he welcomes regular site visits, suggestions and comments. When asked how he was able to change careers and realize his building dream he said it was quite simple; “God just laid it in my lap”.

To develop a set of house plans just as you want is much easier than most people think. Chelette Custom Homes will furnish a full set of construction plans or work with your designer(s). After the plans are formulated and specifications determined, we perform a “Line Item Cost Analysis” using current materials and labor cost. This insures the owner the most accurate cost determined by the exact specifications. We will use either, selected by the home owner. In most cases a “Cost Plus Agreement” is best for the owner.

Chelette Custom Homes is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Assoc (GHBA) and utilizes the Residential Construction Contract written for and approved by the GHBA. This contract is written for the protection of both the builder and the home owner. We are also a registered builder with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC).