To develop a set of house plans just as you want is much easier than most people think.  Chelette Custom Homes will work closely with you to define your desires and requirements in your new home and will assist in finding a home designer to create the construction plans.

After the plans are formulated and specifications determined, we perform a “Line Item Cost Analysis” using current materials and labor cost.  This insures the owner the most accurate cost determined by the exact specifications.

We will use either, selected by the home owner.  In most cases a “Cost Plus Agreement” is best for the owner.

Chelette Custom Homes is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) and utilizes the Residential Construction Contract written for and approved by the GHBA.  This contract is written for the protection of both the builder and the home owner.

Yes, Chelette Custom Homes is a registered builder with the Texas Residential Construction Commission (TRCC).

Yes, most lenders allow you to finance the land and home together.  In fact, most will create the construction loan and permanent mortgage into a single closing, saving the home owner money in closing cost.

A one year general warranty and a ten (10) year insured structural warranty is offered on all Chelette Custom Homes.

Yes.  After the start of construction the owner may request a change through a “Change Order Form”.  The builder will determine if the change is possible and if so will notify the owner of any additional cost involved to make the change.  The home owner can then determine if they want to proceed with the change.

Larry Chelette, owner of Chelette Custom Homes is an active State of Texas Realtor and specializes in locating building properties.  Mr. Chelette will find the property, perform the negotiations and represent you in the purchasing of the property, at no cost to the home owner.

Chelette Custom Homes arranges for construction and building code inspections, performed by independent 3rd party inspectors, at several critical stages of construction from the start of the foundation to the end of construction.

Chelette Custom Homes will assist by guiding you through the activities needed, including soil analysis, culvert placement, land clearing, preparation of Sub-division Architectural Control Committee application package and other required actions.

Chelette Custom Homes will visit with the prospective home owners before and after plans are completed to assist home owners determine the house specifications and options available.  Owner will have valuable input to determine the allowances for items such as lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, appliances and desired options.